In 2019, I had the pleasure to join the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at MSU as an assistant professor. As a new member of this fabulous team, my personal goal is to accelerate the progress toward developing an intelligent multi-disciplinary problem-solving framework.

In the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at MSU, we think of perfection, innovation, and mastery. Aiming to be positioned at the forefront of science, we have established a cross-disciplinary, inter-university research center that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, Applied Mathematics (AM), and Social Science (SS) concepts. Our goal is to form a problem-solving framework applicable to a wide variety of research thrust, from cyber-physical-social infrastructure resilience to search and rescue planning, and from smart transportation to game-theoretic robotic designs.

In honor of women in science and their tireless efforts and sacrifices to bring life-changing contributions to the world of science and technology, we have named the research center Protons. In Protons, we fuel our motivations and creativity to reach the following first-year goals:

1. Designing an algorithmic framework to solve dynamic transportation network restoration problems

2. Incorporating Reinforcement Learning algorithms to infrastructure resilience problems in unknown, complex, and constantly changing environments

3. Including the effects of behavioral science, and the uncertainties it brings, into decision-making optimization problems (i.e., how behavioral dynamics affect the state-space of a problem).